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This is not a Mod book
- it is a book about Mod.

It is also a book about urban living, belonging, identity and the never-ending task of growing up. Above all, MOD GHOSTS is about the impact,
on each of these things, of time and place.
By juxtaposing photographs from the period with shots of the same location in the present day,
MOD GHOSTS attaches a series of literary commemorative plaques to the ordinary places where ordinary moments, lived by ordinary young men and women combined to make an extraordinary subcultural phenomenon.


Limited edition 256 page full colour hardback book to be published in October 2019 - pre-order here.

In addition to the societal change The Mod Project forced me to confront, capturing the photos also proved surprisingly moving. Standing in precisely the same spot as the original photographer some forty years earlier, heightened my perception of time passing. Composing the images transported me back through the decades, connecting me with the original photographer. I hadn’t anticipated the emotional impact of all of this. Photographs may give their subjects immortality, but the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the photographer are generally lost forever.

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